Design Thinking with Eidos

Persona Development

For the persona development we combined severall tools such as 5-why+, jobs to be done canvas, empathy map etc.. EIDOS gave us the framwork and guided us through the whole process in a unique way. The risk to end up with a cliche persona was more or less zero.
We could easily recognize how things are connected and are influencing each other in order to find different scenarios and huge number of options.
You want to learn more? Watch the video.

See how to do Design Thinking with Eidos

5-Why technique with EIDOS

You need to better understand a problem? Surely you have heard about the 5-Why technique. This is a very good approach to get a lot of insights. By doing this in EIDOS you will identify not only the cause(s) of the problem but also the effect(s) and their consequences. Another insight: 5 questions may not be enough…
Have a look at our easy example on you tube!
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