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Workshops & projects

Our workshops and project offerings are as individual as our customers.

Depending on the task at hand we carry out one-day workshops as well as longer lasting projects.
Also, regarding the industry, there are no restrictions: The technical expertise is provided by our customers through their employees. It is our job to enable your team to think in new and provocative ways, in order to develop new answers and novel concepts.
Based on the particular goals we choose suitable tools and methodologies in order to maximize the quality in thinking and the outcome of the project.

With the technical expertise on the customer side and the methodological expertise on our side, we achieve high-quality results.

  • Thanks to the structured, software-supported approach, no aspect of the task remains disregarded. We enable you and your team to master complexity and uncertainty.


“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”

This quote is one of the most famous by Albert Einstein. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to change your perspective and think different. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome when it comes to thinking in completely new directions.
The better we understand what our human brain is good at and where it lets us down, the better we can use and strengthen our thinking abilities.
Our courses are all about human thinking, what limitations we have and how we can avoid falling into these thinking traps.

  • Professionalize your way of thinking, become a thought leaders when it comes to solving problems, making better decisions, and developing robust strategies that enable you to react quickly and confidently to changing conditions.


Parmenides EIDOS

Get access to the full Parmenides EIDOS thinking suite including a comprehensive built-in management toolbox with tools such as PESTLE, SWOT, 7S Framework, Balanced Scoremap, Ansoff matrix, Disrupting Beliefs Canvas and unique interactive 3D visual analysis tools.

Meeting Efficiency (ME)

Do you want to make your meetings more efficient and effective? Meeting Efficiency supports you from preparation to execution to follow-up with meeting structures for the most common meeting types.

  • All licenses are annual licenses, each includes a short introduction (webinar)


It is all about the way you think!

As consultants we don’t pretend to know more about your industry than you do. However, what we do know is how to apply insights from cognitive and neuroscience to enable you and your team to manage complexity and uncertainty and by doing so make better decisions.

By tapping into insights from creativity research we also support the development of novel concepts and innovative solutions for you and your clients.
Our approach is supported by the Parmenides EIDOS Suite to describe and analyze multi-dimensional interdependencies and to ensure multi-scenario robustness. Thus, protecting your investment.

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